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The Upstage Company is a Meanjin-based digital media and marketing company, specifically designed to help make your theatre collective or short film stand out from the crowd.

Tackling everything from poster and programme designs, to filming & editing performance footage and growing your social media presence, The Upstage Company is here to level up your arts ambitions.

What WE can do

digital media and marketing

Specialised Content Creation

Logos, Programme, and Poster Design

Social Media Strategy & Takeover

Audience Growth Implementation

why us?

Our team combines a love for the arts with digital marketing expertise, delivering the perfect balance of artistry and strategic promotion. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of theatre & film collectives and can provide tailored solutions.

Our specialisation in digital production for performing artists sets us apart. From eye-catching logos, programmes, and posters to mesmerising rehearsal footage, we infuse every project with our unique creative flair, ensuring your marketing materials are as captivating as your content.

With Bachelor degrees in Performing Arts and Digital Production, we have a deep understanding of the industry & effective marketing strategies. We leverage this to create strategies that resonate with your target audience and help you achieve your artistic ambitions.

We know the challenges and importance of making your mark in a competitive industry. We are passionate about supporting emerging theatre & film collectives, and ensuring your work receives the attention it deserves.


Social Media Campaign, 2023

Poster & Programme Design, 2023

Film Clip, Socials, Photoshoot, 2020

Logo & Website Design, 2019

Vertical Mobile Marketing, 2019

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