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Short Film Poster Designs

Design high-quality posters for short films in collaboration with the Australian Performing Arts Conservatory.

The Game We Play

Poster, Content, Social Media - 2023

Hidden Extracts

Poster Design - 2023

Next Door Theatre

We expertly manage Next Door Theatre's Instagram and Facebook platforms, strategically growing their audience, crafting targeted ads for ticket sales, and creating captivating post designs.

Our efforts culminated in a highly successful debut season, with sold-out shows as a testament to the campaign's effectiveness.

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We filmed and edited vertical, mobile-first content for social media, including captivating behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage.

Crafted a series of posters tailored for distribution and optimized for social media posts.


Our partnership involves professional photoshoots, managing their social media presence, and the production of a captivating music video through filming and editing. Together, we ensure their artistic vision is brought to life and their online presence thrives.

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Collaborating with an outdoor games business, creating a series of engaging videos tailored for social media.


Logo & Website for a digital media business:

Ticket to The Tragedy of Macbeth;

Australian Performing Arts Conservatory

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